Quarantined: Day 15

Quarantined: Day 15

A Prayer for Those Living on the Margins

Today we pause to pray for those who are poor and powerless and are struggling in significant ways dealing with the health and financial fallout from this global pandemic.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you that you are a God who provides and protects, a God who knows the number of hairs on each child’s head. In this moment, we ask you to care for those who are at increased risk to suffer from the consequences of COVID-19:

  • We pray for the millions of people who are now unemployed and are struggling to figure out how to pay their bills and feed their family.
  • We pray for the elderly who live in retirement homes and need the level of nursing care provided by the homes, but are are higher risk to becoming COVID positive because they live in community housing.
  • We pray for the immigrant families who live paycheck to paycheck, often working jobs in close quarters with others, if not layed off entirely.
  • We pray for the children whose primary place of safety and security was found by going to school each day, being fed a warm lunch, and being loved on by a teacher.
  • We pray for those in nations around the globe who lack access to medical professionals if they come down with this virus.

God, we ask that you would provide for those who feel unable to deal with the disruption this pandemic has brought to our world. We ask that you would give them health, give them hope, and ultimately, that through loving followers of Jesus, that they would experience your love and compassion which extends to ALL people.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


  • We worship a God who does not show favoritism and has endless resources. Take a moment to thank God that his grace extends to all people.
  • Who in your life has been hit especially hard by this pandemic? Pray for that person right now.
  • How could you sacrifice this week so that somebody else might experience God’s abundance?


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