Quarantined: Day 10

Quarantined: Day 10

A Prayer for Those Who Do Not Know Jesus

Today we pause to pray for those experiencing the global pandemic without knowing Jesus.

Our Father,

The world is upside down, and this is not how you designed it or desire it to be. From the beginning of creation, you wanted those made in your image to know you. Deeply. Intimately. 

Times like this are challenging and even more so when trying to make sense of the world without a knowledge of the one who made it and Your desire for so much more.

Give us opportunities during the week to speak words of hope to those who may be discouraged and depressed, words of comfort to those who have experienced loss and tragedy, and words of life to those who feel lost. 

May we be compassionate and bold, wise, and caring in how we speak, realizing these are people’s lives we are intersecting. Let us be quick to listen, slow to speak, and willing to ask questions to better understand what our friends and neighbors are experiencing. 

Let us be honest in our own shortcomings and doubts, so they don’t’ see a false faith but an authentic faith grounded not in how well I believe but in the one who came, went to the cross, and rose again for me. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Today’s Journal Reflections

  • How has your faith impacted you during the self-isolation and pandemic?
  • Who do you that might be struggling and need to hear words of hope right now? If no one comes to mind, pause, pray, and ask the Holy Spirit to bring someone to mind.
  • How could you help that person or persons in the coming days with words of life?


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