Is It Because There Is No God?

Is It Because There Is No God?

We all have resources we turn to when we need help, advice, or input. Should I take this job? How do I handle this situation with my child? Is it time to move? Can my marriage be better? Should I eat that second (or third) donut?

Sometimes we turn to family. Sometimes we look for the latest and greatest book on the subject. Friends are usually always willing to help out. And those casual acquaintances are ALWAYS ready to tell you how you can improve your life. And in a pinch, a pastor might work.

How do you choose who you will consult when you have decisions in your life? And what role does your faith play in that?

In 2 Kings, King Ahaziah wanted to know if an injury he sustained would be life threatening. As he thought about who he could or should consult, he decided that the best option was a false god, Baal-Zebub, the god of the city of Ekron. But Elijah, the prophet of the one true God, went to him and asked,

“Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are going off to consult Baal-Zubub, the god of Ekron?”(2 Kings 1:3 NIV) 

As I read these words this morning, I thought, what does my life and where I turn in times when I need counsel or advice say about my faith? Is it because I do not functionally believe that God can or will guide me or answer me that I seek many others sources before I ever seek God? Does my life and the way I approach times of decision accurately reflect someone who is following God or does it reveal nothing more than a Christian atheist, believing in God but living like he doesn’t exist?

May God be our first recourse and not our last resort when we come to the forks in the road of our lives. 


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