9 to 5: Integrating Faith and Work

9 to 5: Integrating Faith and Work

One of the more difficult things Christians should learn to do is how to effectively integrate their faith and their work. Since we spend so much time at our jobs, it would be such a waste to not try to find some way to effectively be a Christian at work. The problem many have in doing this is overcoming the misconceptions we have about what that is even supposed to look like. Should we have the largest Bible known to man firmly planted on the corner of our desk? Should Jesus fish be dangling like stars from the ceiling above our heads? Should we blast Christian music loud enough that we drown out all that “devil” music those heathen next door like to listen to?

Of course, I kid about the things above. These suggestions are NOT the best way to do it.  But it does lead to a good question. How Christian is your cubicle? This blog post from the site Stuff Christians Like is funny and worth a read. As we consider how we can integrate faith and work, this reminds us of some very ineffective ways!

How Christian is Your Cubicle?

In a few weeks, they’re moving my department at work and everyone is talking about what type of cubicles we’ll get. Will they have high walls or short walls? Will there be cabinets or drawers or neither? Will we be in a high foot traffic area or tucked away off a back alley where it’s quiet? Will we be close enough to the break room to smell microwave popcorn or far enough away that whoever heats up seafood in the toaster oven can’t cover us in a blanket of funk? This is a time of great questions in cubicle land, but the only one I have is:

How Christian will my cubicle be?

It’s a fair question. Some people use their cubicles as tiny little sanctuaries, bedazzling every flat surface with Jesus memorabilia. Other people use their cubicles as conversation starters with coworkers, “Oh what this? That’s just an old Bible I keep around. Speaking of the Bible, would you like to accept Jesus into your heart before we go to the next staff meeting?” But how do you know if it’s enough? How can you be certain your cubicle is holy? If only there were a score sheet, if only there were an easy way to tally all your cubicle Christianity points up quickly. If only there were a …

Christian Cubicle Point System:

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