06.08.21 Feed

06.08.21 Feed


Oftentimes the Beatitudes, the beginning of the famous Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 5-7, are viewed as how Christians ought to live. But this then implies that Christians are supposed to be poor and mournful. Perhaps there is a different way to view this important passage of scripture. What if, instead of being the way those in the Kingdom should live, it is saying that EVEN THESE types of people are invited in? This is the Gospel – that regardless of who you are, even the losers, are invited to sit with the King at his table. If this concept interests you, I encourage you to watch this past Sunday’s message.

Book Suggestion: Good and Beautiful Life

Pastor Brent taught a class on this book years ago and we have recommended it to many since. In this book James Bryan Smith unpacks what it takes to find true contentment in life by walking through the Sermon on the Mount, which will be our message topic for the remainder of the summer. [Buy the Book]

The Neglected Ministry of Asking Questions

We often talk about connecting with others and our community, but for some people conversation doesn’t come easily. If you want to truly get to know people better and build stronger relationships with friends or foster new relationships with strangers, focus on questions. [Read the Article]

You Are Blessed

Blessed is a word we throw around in church but so few people understand it fully. As it is the key to the Beatitudes we just covered, we thought we would point you to a message where Pastor Brent dove in to what the Bible really means when it says you are blessed [Read / Watch the Message]

Message Discussion Questions

We hope the message from each Sunday sticks with you beyond the Sunday morning worship service. Take a moment to consider the questions below, and even better, talk to somebody (who attends the church or doesn’t) about them.

  1. Have you ever felt like an outsider within the church? If so, what does it mean to you that the Kingdom of Heaven is filled with outsiders like you.
  2. Do you resonate more with the idea of the Beatitudes being a call to Christian Conduct or an Invitation to the Kingdom? What leads you to that conclusion?
  3. Take a moment this week to read the rest of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) and ponder what the main theme of the sermon is.

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