05.04.21 Feed

05.04.21 Feed


We spend too much of our lives at our jobs for it to be a meaningless passage of time with no redeemable purpose. Conversely, while your job has significance, it is not your identity or your calling. Like we discussed on Sunday in the message Beyond Work, we need to find a middle ground. If you’re struggling with the job you work, recognize that God has wired you for a special purpose and look for the ways in which that unique calling overlaps with the job you happen to hold. And thank God every time you have the opportunity to bring your special gifts to your job.

Christians and Climate Change

Political debate around climate change and carbon in the air has been going on for decades now. For the most part, the church has stayed out of the fray. But young people are deeply concerned about the future of the earth. Meanwhile others believe the Bible foretells of the destruction of the earth. So as Christians, where should we stand? [Read the Article]

Don’t Be Lazy

The opposite of working hard is laziness. The book of Proverbs actually has a lot to say about people who are lazy because God didn’t intend for us to sit and do nothing. As we discussed this week, he gave us a calling to live out. In this message from 2016, we discuss why being lazy is not God’s plan for you. [Read the Message]


Message Discussion Questions

We hope the message from each Sunday sticks with you beyond the Sunday morning worship service. Take a moment to consider the questions below, and even better, talk to somebody (who attends the church or doesn’t) about them.

  1. What skills and passions has God put inside of you that uniquely enable you to fulfill your calling?
  2. What is that calling? If you had to write down what God called you to do, what would you say?
  3. In what ways do your calling and your job overlap?

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