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02.09.21 Feed


While Pastor Brent gave it his best effort to cover the essential doctrine of God in 30 minutes this past Sunday, I think we can all admit, that was an impossible task. God, being infinite, is simply beyond our grasp. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. And it doesn’t mean that God didn’t do all he could to show us who he is by coming to this world as Jesus. And yet, there will always be a chasm as our finite minds try to grasp the infinite. If you want to stretch yourself this week, we have a few videos which explore some of the complexities of understanding God better.

Bible Project: Triune God

The God portrayed in the Bible isn’t easy to understand, but what if we could better understand what it is that we can’t understand? This 8 minute video explores the complex identity of God displayed in the storyline of the Bible, and (surprise!) it all leads to Jesus.
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Black and white person holding hands for unity between races.

5 Biblical Ways to Take Action Against Racism and Injustice

In this tumultuous season in our country, all of us are bombarded with messages through the news and social media that seem to draw lines in the sand. Phrases such as “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” “implicit bias” and “intersectionality” have increased the learning curve of many. Calls for immediate action bombard many people who have yet to arrive at conclusions.
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Why Does God Allow Evil?

One of the big questions most Christians wrestle with at some time is, if God is good and all-powerful, then why does he allow evil. In this episode of Thinking Aloud, we cover this topic Brent had to cut from this past Sunday’s message, but is worth a listen.
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Americans Belief in God Declining

This is the chart Pastor Brent referenced in his message Sunday from https://news.gallup.com/

Message Discussion Questions

We hope the message from each Sunday sticks with you beyond the Sunday morning worship service. Take a moment to consider the questions below, and even better, talk to somebody (who attends the church or doesn’t) about them.

  1. How does your belief in God impact your sense of holiness? Justice? Love for neighbor?
  2. Do you tend to think of God as ONE or as THREE distinct and different Gods? Why do you think it is important to our faith to keep a balance between this tension?
  3. Take a moment to praise God for this incredible world he created, in all its intricacies and perfect balance.

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