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Next Steps

Take your next step toward Jesus

Take your next step toward Jesus

One of our Core Values at Ashworth is Movement. We don’t care where you are on your journey toward Jesus, but we do care that you are taking steps toward being more like him.

If you don’t know what your next step is, below is our list of Next Steps we encourage everyone to follow:

  1. Know Jesus – The most important step every person on this earth should make is to follow Jesus Christ – He Changes Everything!
  2. Be Baptized in Water – Jesus told his followers to make disciples and baptize them.  It’s an important outward symbol of the inward transformation you have made in following Jesus.  Click the link if you want more information about baptism.
  3. Get Connected – Take your next step in faith by joining a group of other believers who will encourage you to grow.  We offer a variety of different avenues for connection, including Sunday School Classes, Senior Adult Ministries, Women’s Ministry, Ashworth Kids, Ashworth Youth, and more!
  4. Make a Difference – Ultimately, our purpose is to love others the way God has loved us.  As we do that, we make an impact in the lives of people in our community, our region, and the world.
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