Transgender Church Plant

Transgender Church Plant

In 2019, as part of our Missions Emphasis month, we sponsored a chapel plus community hall in India – India’s first chapel catering to the needs of the trans community. The project experienced delays due to the pandemic but was inaugurated around Christmas 2020.

The transgender community in India is much different than the western community. While western ideas of sexuality and gender have become popular in recent years, this community is comprised exclusively of men opting to become women. Historically, this community has been marginalized and their usual mode of survival is begging and/or prostitution. They usually do not have Healthcare access. Most do not have the support from their family members and remain cut off from normal life.

There is a hindu temple in south India that welcomes these people once a year to get married to one of the gods and it’s a huge event and attracts thousands of trans women as these women,  unless in prostitution, spend their lives without a partner.

The ministry meeting in the new chapel (Vanathin Vasal) is where trans people worship Jesus Christ with ordinary people. An ordained pastors leads the worship every Sunday. They were previously meeting in the living room of one of the trans women. With this new chapel, more people can meet. Life skills like sewing and cosmetology are taught so they can have an alternate means to livelihood. 

Prayer for this Ministry

  • Pray for the Pastor as ministering to them poses challenges. Pray that He will be led by the Holy Spirit and teach the truth in love.
  • Pray for discipleship and that these women would learn what it means that they are children of God.
  • Pray for the outreach that they do among this community. 


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