Spring Into Action: COVID-19 Edition

Spring Into Action: COVID-19 Edition

Want to make a difference during this pandemic but feeling helpless? Here are some tangible ways you can serve our community from your home.

Neighborhood Prayer Walk
Take 30 minutes and go for a purposeful walk around your neighborhood. Not sure what to do? We made a simple prayer walk guide for ideas and instructions.

View Prayer Walk Guide

Park Clean Up
Take a walk to your local park (Ashworth Church has adopted Jaycee Park) with a garbage bag and spend some time cleaning up trash–we look forward to the days of playing outside with neighbors and friends again! If you do decide to help clean up a park, make sure you do two things:

  • Be careful, wear gloves, and assume everything is covered in germs
  • Please take a moment to print and fill out the attached form and then return it to the church. West Des Moines wants us to keep a record of when we clean any parks.

Record Your Time Cleaning a Park

Medical Professional Mask-Making
Have a sewing machine and basic sewing skills? Clinics and hospitals all around our city are in need of masks. Here’s a link to the Unity Point approved pattern.

View Approved Pattern

Cards and Calls
Are you missing Ashworth Church friends and find yourself wondering about people? Here’s a link to the church directory. Pick a few names and send a card or make a phone call to check on them.

Our church directory is stored in Breeze, our church management system. By logging in there, you can see other peoples contact info, view your donations, and even change your own profile picture! If you have never set up an account, click the Create Account link under the green button.

View Church Directory

Giving Locally
Feeling a nudge to give to the most vulnerable in this time? DMARC food pantry is a ministry we have faithfully supported and with lay-offs, furloughs, and Covid-19 related challenges, there are more people experiencing food insecurity in our city than ever before. Consider donating.

Make a Donation and be sure to select DMARC

Let Us Know How You Participated

If you helped clean up a park, make sure to print this form, fill it out, and email the church (info@ashworth.church) and we’ll help you turn in the form to us. If you did a prayer walk or made medical masks, please fill out the form below.

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