Messages from April 2024

Messages from April 2024

Jesus & the Outcasts

Jesus loved the easiest people to hate, showed respect to the disrespected, and blessed those who could offer nothing in return. He championed the outcasts of society, demonstrating His incredible love and compassion to all who came near and challenging us to do the same.


Jesus was a humble King. In the stories of His miracles, teachings, and way of life, we constantly find Him serving the people around Him. As Pastor Amy explores this unique aspect of Jesus, it challenges us to question what it truly means to be “great.”


Despite the power money holds over us as individuals and a society, Jesus calls us to live differently. The invitation to follow Jesus is also an invitation to live as generously as He did. Pastor Brent continues our Rediscovering Jesus series, challenging our obsession with wealth and calling us to follow the authentic Jesus.


Jesus was known by his radical compassion. His compassion wasn’t just an emotional response; it was also a physical one that led to the relief of pain and alienation. We too can grow in compassion by sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Is Jesus for Real?

Will the real Jesus please stand up? In a world of counterfeits, it’s difficult to determine who the real Jesus is. This Easter Sunday, Pastor Brent explores the resurrection of Jesus. Who was there? How did it happen, and what does this pivotal moment tell us about who Jesus is?