Messages on Missions

Messages on Missions


As we explore “the real Jesus” behind the many counterfeits we find in society, we are challenged to respond. Listen as Pastor Steve explores Christ’s mission on Earth, influencing how we engage with the people and world around us.

Feeding the Hungry

Pastor Brent looks at a famous and miraculous story of Jesus when he fed over 5,000 people to see how often we are invited in by Jesus to be a part of meeting needs miraculously but are unable to participate when we operate from a theology of scarcity instead of a theology of leftovers.
Imagine Message Series

Seek the Peace and Prosperity of the CIty

Pastor Ryan Lenerz looks at Jeremiah 29 and discusses how those who follow Jesus aren’t to conform to or confine ourselves from the world around us. We are to seek the peace and prosperity of the city.
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Crossing Lines

Pastor Amy Becker looks at Acts 10 and how God’s desire was not only for a select group of people to hear about and know Jesus, but his desire was for all nations and people to know him. 
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Telling Your Story

Pastor Amy Becker continues our look at how to find comfort when sharing our faith by looking at how the Apostle Paul shared his faith by telling his own personal story and how we can use his model to share our own story with those around us.
Sunday School Stories

Mission Trip to Liberia

Pastors Brent Clark and Ryan Lenerz share about their recent trip to Liberia and Brent looks at Acts 10:1–11 to see how the invitation to go and share the gospel continues today.