Messages on Family

Messages on Family

Best Christmas Ever

The Christmas Family

Pastor Ryan traces the role of the family from Genesis to Revelation and how the family of God is so critical in making this the Best. Christmas. Ever.
The New Normal

New Normal for Marriage and Family

Pastor Brent Clark sits down with Gary and Debi Lydic of Onward and Upward Ministries to talk about how the pandemic has impacted marriages and how marriages can thrive through this season of life. ASHWORTH@HOME As you meet as Ashworth@Home groups or maybe just have conversations with friends and neighbors about the new normal we are all facing, here are some questions you can use to have a spiritual discussion. DISCUSSION GUIDE TO CONTINUE THE CONVERSATION What has been your…
Church West Des Moines

Leave a Mark on Your Family

Pastor Amy Becker looks at the impact Timothy’s mother and grandmother had on his life and shows how each of us can leave a mark on our families and the importance of our family legacy.

Can’t We All Just Get Along: Family Reconcilliation

Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. The Holidays  It’s finally November and I think for most of us, this signals that the holiday season is upon us.  Thanksgiving is two and a half weeks away and Christmas is just around the corner.  Most of you have probably begun making your plans for the holidays already—you know where you are spending Thanksgiving and Christmas, you know which days you are taking off work, and you know what dessert you…