Messages on Endurance

Messages on Endurance

Suffering and Provision

Is the Lord among us or not? It’s a question you may find yourself asking from time to time. In the midst of suffering, it’s difficult to remember that God is a profound provider. Pastor Amy explores the book of Exodus, ultimately demonstrating that God not only knows we have needs, but He cares about providing for them.

While We Wait

There are countless theologies of how Jesus will return, but what do we do while we wait? Pastor Brent explores Scripture in the books of Revelation and Matthew to invite us to discern, persevere, encourage, preserve, and proclaim in the meantime.

Faithful: Enduring Faith

Commitment One of thehardest things for me as a parent is getting my kids to followthrough with the commitments they’vemade, and even more so on the commitments I have made for them. Maybe you’ve experienced this as well. Your child says they wantto play a sport or do some activity, but after abouttwo days or weeks into it, after a few practices, or after having to get upearly one time for it, they decide they don’t wantto do it anymore.…