Messages on Easter

Messages on Easter

Is Jesus for Real?

Will the real Jesus please stand up? In a world of counterfeits, it’s difficult to determine who the real Jesus is. This Easter Sunday, Pastor Brent explores the resurrection of Jesus. Who was there? How did it happen, and what does this pivotal moment tell us about who Jesus is?

The Resurrection & the Kingdom of God

The message of Jesus is bigger than we think. This Easter Sunday, Pastor Brent begins a new series about the Kingdom of God. The resurrection isn’t just a key catalyst of establishing God’s Kingdom; it validates everything Jesus said and did.
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You Were Made for Life with God

Pastor Brent Clark preaches an Easter message that looks at 2 Corinthians 5 and how the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ destroys the barrier that exists and reconciles us to God.

Unexpected Life

Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. Surprises Do you like surprises?  Okay, how many of you are normal and don’t like surprises?  I don’t. My family and the staff here at church will tell you that I can be a little bit of a control freak and surprises are one of those things I have no control over and therefore I don’t care for them too much. And for me, it doesn’t matter if it…

Transformed: Death to Life

John 5:24-26 Introduction Good morning and Happy Easter. As you all probably know, Easter is a big deal for Christians and the church. This isn’t just the usual Sunday. Everything for Christians hinges on the resurrection. Your belief or non-belief even hinges on what you believe about the resurrection. I want to read the events of the first Easter morning to you. Listen to how Luke describes that morning from Luke 24:1-12. 1 But very early on Sunday morning the…