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No Series

Be Positive

Pastor Ryan looks at how easy it is to be negative with all that is happening in the world, but through gratitude and encouragement, we can be positive. Positive People Here’s something many of you didn’t know about me, up until the early part of this week, I was Covid Positive.  For those of you attending this service online, you’re probably glad you are!  Don’t worry, I made it through – and I’m back to 100%.  But today we’re taking…
Fall Clean-Up

Fall Clean-Up

Pastor Brent looks at Psalm 32 and how this is a good time to do a little soul searching and some fall clean-up in our lives.
Fake News or good news

Fake News or Good News?

Pastor Brent looks at Luke 4 and how Jesus began his ministry to challenge us in how we are presenting the message of Jesus could be perceived as fake news to some but is still very good news for all.
Give Thanks

Give Thanks

Pastor Ryan encourages us all to become people of gratitude who routinely give thanks in all circumstances.

Something Worth Giving Everything For

Introduction As we approach the end of July, we approach the end of another ministry year. And this has been a great year. It seems very evident to me that God has been leading us as a church, and God has been blessing our efforts over the last year. It’s not that he owes us because we are something special, but because our desire has been to find where he is working and join him there and to glorify His…

Riding the Waves

 Introduction This week, Vacation Bible School has all been about one theme: Catching the Wave of God’s Amazing Love. What is fascinating about this statement is the idea of the wave.  Because depending on your perspective, and honestly your location, the wave can have either a positive or a negative connotation. It is good when you are on top of the wave, riding that wave to the shore, but when the waves are out of control, crashing all around you,…

The Right Kind of Rich

Introduction It is Thanksgiving week and I hope that your plans are all made and that you’ve already begun to think about what you are thankful for this year. We can easily forget that most countries around the world don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.  I think it is probably one of the best holidays we have, not just because of the food, although I am a BIG fan of that. I was talking to my daughter Hannah, who is currently serving as…

Thanksgiving 2015: Our Imperatives

November is Special For us as a church, this month is special. Forty four years ago, November 21, 1971, the first worship service for what is now Ashworth Road Baptist Church was held. A lot has changed over the years, but the original mission that set this church on our current path is still the same: to be a church that reaches out to people in our community with the message of Jesus, to show our community Jesus and his love,…