Quarantined: Day 13

Quarantined: Day 13

We have seen so many changes in the last couple of months.  How we go about our day, the way we interact with others, even the way we get essential items. Before Covid-19 hit, I was feeling like I was just hanging in there.  My schedule was full from 7 AM all the way to 8 PM.  This time of quarantine has forced me to STOP, something that I wouldn’t be able to do in my normal routine.

I believe this time is a season for us to hit the reset button and think about what truly gives us life and builds us up. Take a listen to “Build My Life,” and reflect on the words and truths in this song. 

Today’s Journal Reflection

  • What part of this song resonates with you and why?
  • What areas can you build your life on Christ?
  • Take some time and pray for God to show you more of who He is and to fill you up with the Holy Spirit.


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