Preparing for Christmas Day 13

Preparing for Christmas Day 13

An Advent Prayer by Maria Kane

We have hung stockings, mailed cards, and decorated the tree,
but our hearts remain restless for your coming.

We hear the voice of your prophet, O, Lord: Cry out! Prepare the way!
How, God, do we prepare for the birth of a king, the Prince of Peace?
Do we bow at his feet? Do we hide our faces in the presence of such glory?

In a world searching for easy answers and quick fixes, remind us of the gift of stillness.
Lord, we need your Spirit of peace to calm our anxious hearts.

Help us remember that you do not ask us to come as perfect people,
only as people longing for your salvation.

In our frenzy, may we never forget that Christ has already prepared us a place with you.
We give you thanks that we are never alone.

copied from The Upper Room


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