Elder Nominations

Elder Nominations

One of the exciting changes this year at Ashworth is the addition of Elders to our leadership structure. This change allows us to empower our Deacons to care for the families in the church while the Elders tend to the mission, vision, and oversight of the church. After prayer and discussion, the following individuals are nominated to serve as Elders at Ashworth Church:

Jude Ashwanth Jude Ashwanth

Don Peck Don Peck

Elizabeth Carman Elizabeth Carman

Suki Joseph Suki Joseph

Jerry Chapman

All five individuals are either currently serving or have recently served as a part of the Ashworth Leadership Team.

These Elders (along with the Deacons who have been nominated and will be announced in the coming weeks) will be voted on at a special business meeting tentatively scheduled for January 12, 2020.


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