Day 3: Fixer-Upers

Day 3: Fixer-Upers

Early in our marriage, Kerri and I wanted to buy a house. Being the poor newlyweds, the only houses we could afford were “fixer-upers.” They required time, energy, and money to repair and remodel. It wasn’t an easy process, but we always loved the final result. When new flooring was installed. When a new coat of paint went on. When the avocado green appliances were replaced!

In Romans 12, Paul talks about a transformation of a different kind. This is a transformation of us. We are the “fixer-upers” that God is wanting and willing to remodel, to make us into something different. Something better. Something that looks more like Jesus. The catch is that we have to stop chasing after the carrots the worlds holds in front of us. We have to realize that even if we were to catch whatever prize the world holds in front of us, its value is nothing when compared to becoming like Christ.

But the world makes it so appealing to want to look and act like them. If we didn’t know better, we would assume that copying the world would lead us to fame, fortune, acceptance and love. But all too often, all we find is emptiness.

True renewal comes by allowing God to change us, from the inside out, by renewing our minds. And as we have been posting this week, that renewal comes by the Holy Spirit when we spend time with Jesus and with God’s Word. May you be encouraged today to continue on this path of renewal to be a little more like Jesus today than you were yesterday. 

Questions to Consider:

  1. In what ways do you tend to copy the patterns of the world? 
  2. Is the idea of God “remodeling” you into a new person something you embrace or something you resist?
  3. How would your thinking be different if God completely transformed your mind?

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