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Umbrella Dance

The following blog was written by Suki Joseph and shared on her personal blog. Suki is a part of Ashworth Road serving in the kids ministry and doing some of the amazing graphic designs you see at Ashworth Road.  It was raining while we were travelling in our car the day before yesterday and my 2 year old daughter suddenly realized she needed an umbrella to dance in the rain. My husband and I reasoned with her throughout the entire…

After the Picture Perfect Christmas

Sermon Podcast Audio  Your browser does not support the audio element. Picture Perfect We have been looking at the nativity scene during our series, “A Picture Perfect Christmas.”  We have talked about the shepherd’s crook, the Magi, the message of the angels, and the manger. So, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about what happens after the birth of Jesus. We will be looking at Matthew 2:13-16. To give some background to this scene, Herod was the king of Judea during…

Thanksgiving Recipe Time

Does Thanksgiving stress you out?  Do you find yourself searching for ideas and new recipes to refresh your Thanksgiving menu from last year?  Relax…I know how you feel.  Thanksgiving is a wonderful time with friends and family but we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to plan the best Thanksgiving menu for that special moment each year.  We want it to be warm, filling, pleasing to the eye, and all together perfect!  After all, it only comes once a…

Thanksgiving Fun Facts

How much do you know about Thanksgiving?  I’ve put together a list of fun facts that you can share around the table to impress your friends and family with on Thanksgiving Day! Turkeys originated in North and Central America, and evidence indicates that they have been around for over 10 million years Until 1863, Thanksgiving Day has not been celebrated annually since the first feast in 1621.  This changed in 1863 when Sarah Josepha Hale encouraged Abraham Lincoln to set…

It’s Back to School Time!

How many of these first day of school pictures did you see all over Facebook the past few weeks!  I saw tons of them and even though it’s fun to see everyone’s children growing up, it also hits home that it’s the turn of a new school year.  With that comes change in the household.  Some are ready and some are still dragging their feet, holding on to summer.  My household seemed ready this year and are off to a…

Pirates Have Invaded Ashworth Road!

Pirates have invaded Ashworth Road. Every Sunday, our kids will set sail aboard the Penny Poor in search of great treasure. Kids will learn that when we follow Jesus we can become more like Him, which is the greatest treasure we could ever have. Check out these pictures from week one. \

ARK Heroes

ARKids are learning how to be heroes everyday by relying on God’s power within us!  It’s about trusting Him even when we don’t know what circumstances lie ahead.  

Heroes and Villains

This past Sunday, Ashworth Road Kids began learning about what makes a real hero. This theme teaches kids that it is God’s power in me that makes me a hero. Check out these great photos from our first week of Heroes and Villains.

ARK Christmas Party Fun

Last Sunday, we celebrated the birth of Christ with our kids. Check out these great pictures showing the ARK Christmas celebration.

A Circle of Friends

I have a friend whose son has been diagnosed with autism. He is in the 10th grade. If you met my friend’s son somewhere out in the community, you would not recognize that he has been diagnosed with autism.  After you have talked with him, you would think he is different from other teenagers, but you still would not realize that he has autism. One of the many challenges my friend’s son faces is not having any friends. Can you…

Fall Festival Fun

Our 2013 Fall Festival was a huge success! We lots of food, games, candy, and FUN! Here are some highlights from our fantastic family fun night.   
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