Are you the Neighbor?

Are you the Neighbor?

This past Sunday I preached a story from 2 Kings 4:1-7 about a widow who had sold all she had and yet still had debts she could not pay back. But through God’s miraculous provision, the little bit of oil she held onto, was poured out continually into empty jars she collected from neighbors and the result was that she had enough oil to pay her debts plus even more.

In the message, I focused on those times when we can relate to the widow in need – all those times we feel like we don’t know how we will get through a difficult situation – and how we must trust God will provide.

But there’s a second perspective I think we should consider from this short story:

What if you aren’t the widow in the story, but what if God has put you in a position to be the neighbor?

You see, without the neighbors who graciously agreed to give her their empty jars, this miracle could never have happened. It’s so easy to focus on the miracle of the unending oil, but before that moment, there were neighbors saying yes to help this widow in need.

Maybe you have people in your life who have needs God wants to meet. And perhaps God is looking to you to be the generous and loving way he meets their needs. So this week, keep your eyes open for people who are asking for empty jars you might be able to offer.


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