Advent Christmas Blocks

Advent Christmas Blocks

We understand it can be so hard to have meaningful moments in the home at Christmas. Between all the presents and parties it can be hard to center your family on the reason for the season. We want to help you start – and finish – an Advent Resource this year! 

So we are offering this Christmas practice that helps kids—and parents!—anticipate the birth of Jesus, and not just presents.

This practice is a tangible, Bible-based, 25-day guide to creating an exciting environment in the home around God coming to earth.

View the Block Sets Here

The church has pre-ordered blocks and devotional books and is subsidizing the pricing to make it more affordable for everyone!

  • You can order the Standard Blocks for $10.
  • The Traditions Set, a deluxe set with larger and full color blocks, including the wood block holder is $25.
  • If you would like only the devotional book, we will offer those for free.

If you would like an Advent Block Set or Devotional Book, just fill out the form below.


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