Posts from December 2021

Posts from December 2021

Christmas joy


Unless we’ve been startlingly entertained by a choir of angels overnight, I’m guessing our joy level is going to be low on the dipstick this Monday morning. Days are dark. “Covid” seems like it is every other word in the newscast. Winter weather is creeping lower on the weather map. And, dang it, our clothes are shrinking again. So what are we going to do about it? I suppose we could all do fifty jumping jacks while singing “Don’t Worry…

Support our Refugees

Afghan refugees are beginning to arrive to our city, and we are excited and honored to ease their transition to the U.S. by meeting tangible needs. We are sponsoring at least one family of four to six individuals who will arrive with virtually no furnishings to fill their home. Click here to view the list of items needed and to register to donate before January 3, 2022.