Midweek Minute for August 12, 2020

Midweek Minute for August 12, 2020

Video Transcript

Hey, this is Pastor Brent, and this is you Ashworth Midweek Minute.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and or voted on the Annual Ministry Plan and Budget, Deacon Nomination, and Bylaws change. The Staff and Elders appreciate the trust you place in us and hope we continue to provide effective leadership of the church in step with where the Spirit of God is leading us. 

And just in case you were wondering, all the proposals were approved.

We are still socially distant, which means we are unable to host our annual church picnic this September. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t be the church in your neighborhood, and instead of having one church picnic, we can host dozens. 

If you are comfortable doing so, on Sunday, September 13, the date we would have held our picnic, we would like you to invite a church family who lives in your area and another family or two near you to your house for a picnic or BBQ. You can be as simple or elaborate as your desire to be. 

To help you find a church family in your neck of the woods, be on the lookout for a video this week to show you how to use Breeze, our church database and online directory system to quickly and easily see who from the church lives near you. 

I’m sure you’ve seen the devastation as a result of the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. Over 100 killed, over 5000 people injured, and 300,000 left homeless in a matter of seconds. Even though this is half-way around the world, I can’t help but think we should help. 

Converge, the movement of churches we partner with has people on the ground ready to provide essential needs like food, clothing, and temporary shelter for families. They have made a goal of $250,000 toward this disaster. 

Would you be willing to help give toward this? As a church, I would love to see if we could raise at least $2,500 toward this effort. If you are willing to give, go to ashworth.church/give and select Beirut Relief from the drop-down. Let’s do all we can to support those who have lost so much. 

And that’s your Ashworth Midweek Minute.


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