Posts from June 2020

Posts from June 2020

A Response to the Injustice and Racism in our Nation

Too often, when things happen around us that we do not understand or that make us uncomfortable, our immediate response is, “Yes, but…” “Yes, George Floyd died, but he might have had a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill.” “Yes, black lives matter, but all lives matter, too.” “Yes, there are some bad cops, but we still have the greatest justice system in the world.” And while these statements may technically be true, the “Yes, but…” response is an attempt to shift the…

Quarantined: Survey

Please take a moment to share some thoughts with us to help us better create spiritual formation opportunities for our church in the future.

Quarantined: FInal Day

Sometimes life’s changes are so small that we never notice how far we have come. We feel like all our efforts are for nothing because we don’t see the difference from one day to the next. We tend to be people who want instant results, and obvious results, but that’s not how life works most of the time. Take for instance, the banner image of this post. How many of you noticed that the image changed each week, gradually moving…