Preparing for Christmas Day 9

Preparing for Christmas Day 9

Take a look at this picture and reflect on the following: 

The Annunciation was painted by the Italian Renaissance painter Fra Filippo Lippi in the mid-fifteenth century. It pictures two kneeling figures opposite one another. Mary, on the right, is holding a book, symbolizing the Word of God becoming flesh. Gabriel is holding a lily symbolizing purity.

  • Take in the painting. Notice the structure, placement of people and objects, the use of light and shadow. 
  • What catches your attention?
  • What thoughts and emotions does this image invoke within you?
  • Read Luke 1:26-38.
  • Think about when you have felt the presence of God in your life.

Copied from “Meditation on the Birth of Jesus” by Mirian Dixon & Margaret Campbell published by Renovare


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