Preparing for Christmas Day 2

Preparing for Christmas Day 2

Take a look at this picture and reflect on the following:

The Nativity was painted by the seventeenth-century French painter Georges de La Tour. It pictures the Christ child, Mary and Mary’s mother.

  • Take in the painting. Notice the structure, placement of people and objects, the use of light and shadow.
  • What catches your attention?
  • What thoughts and emotions does this image invoke within you?
  • How does this image relate to the passage we read yesterday in Isaiah 9:2?

Copied from “Meditation on the Birth of Jesus” by Mirian Dixon & Margaret Campbell published by Renovare

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  1. Ryan Wiezer

    The painting is beautiful with such reverence for Jesus and the love of the Mother’s for each other. Can’t see where the light is coming from in the painting, but Jesus is for sure a light to this world.

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