When You’re Finished Changing

When You’re Finished Changing

Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” In January of this year, I wrote on this blog that 2019 would be a year of change for Ashworth Church. And it has. This year, we made changes to the leadership structure of the church and we changed denominations. These two changes were not small but will have a significant impact on our church in the future.

As much as I would like to believe that we never have to change, the reality is that change is inevitable, and anytime we refuse to acknowledge the culture has shifted around us, and we are resistant to shifting how we interact with that culture, we become impotent and irrelevant. There is just no denying that if we hold on to the ways things have always been, we will cease to exist. 

For over a year, the staff and Leadership Team of the church have been evaluating everything we do as a church from worship styles to building layout and design. We have attempted to take an unbiased look at what we do that is helping us reach people for Jesus. These have not been easy conversations. And to be honest, the uncertainty of the outcome of these conversations caused much anxiety for some. 

After much prayer, many meetings, and brainstorming sessions, and seeking outside counsel, the Leadership Team believes we have a way forward which will allow Ashworth to continue to minister to those who are here while creating additional space to reach more families from our community. 

On Sunday, September 29, during the Classic Service at 10:45 AM, I will forego preaching a sermon and spend the message time laying out for you the ideas and pathway we feel God has put before us. Hearing this, you may have some immediate questions that pop into your minds: 

  • Why would we do it only during the Classic service? The changes we are looking at affect that service the most.
  • Can Modern Service attenders come to this meeting? Absolutely. Childcare is provided, and anyone is welcome to join the meeting. 
  • Is this a business meeting? No. There will not be a vote after the presentation. This meeting is informational, but there will be a time for Q & A. 
  • Are we doing away with the Classic Worship service? No.

I hope all who are able will join us as we present what we believe to be an exciting way forward for our church that can ensure we stay a vibrant and influential part of our community for many years to come.

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