You’ve Been Lied To

You’ve Been Lied To

No one likes to be lied to. Unfortunately, (and hopefully unintentionally) that may be what has happened with some messages you’ve heard from the church. In our excitement to be right and to please God, we have missed the heart behind God’s message to us. And we’re sorry about that! 

Beginning Sunday, September 15, we’ll tackle some of the messages the church has to acknowledge weren’t fully true or weren’t presented in the same spirit that Jesus or the Bible taught them.

We will address topics like:

  • God Won’t Give You More than You Can Handle – Really? Then why do I often feel overwhelmed?
  • Might is Right – Does whoever is in control get to make the rules and should Christians fight for power?
  • God Wants Me to Be Happy – Is God’s greatest concern your happiness or is there something else God is working towards?
  • God is a White, Male Republican (and other ways we make God in our image) – If so, then why are there so many other races, ethnicities, and people from all political parties who claim to love Jesus?
  • The Bible is God’s Little Instruction Book – Is the Bible nothing more than a glorified Magic Eight Ball for Christians?
  • Faith Means No Doubt – Is there a place for serious questions and even doubt when following Jesus?
  • If I Pray a Prayer then I Am Right with God – Is the Christian faith reduced to nothing more than a magical incantation we convince kids to say or is there more (a lot more) to following Jesus?
  • I Can Do Faith All By Myself – Do we really need anyone else or am I good if it is just Jesus and me?

Don’t miss this intriguing message series staring September 15.


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