Who Will You Bring?

Who Will You Bring?

You’ve heard us talking about it a lot lately, but Easter is now just over a week away. We can continue to highlight how Google searches about religion, faith, and church increase during this time of year. We can also emphasize how people are extremely receptive to spiritual conversations and invitations to church services on Easter Sunday. But the one stat we can’t get away from is that 100% of people won’t join you for Easter at Ashworth if you never invite them!

To encourage you to invite someone to join you and to show those who come Easter Sunday morning that we value them, we are doing something a little crazy and out of the box. For every person in attendance on Easter Sunday, we will make a $5 donation to the Hope Center for Women and Children. And if we reach at least 300 on this day, we will double the donation and donate $3,000!

Why would we do this? Is this just a fancy marketing ploy to get people to come to church on Easter? Maybe. Probably. But if we believe Jesus gives life and that everyone who attends that day will have the opportunity to hear the amazing message of God’s love demonstrated through the death and resurrection of Jesus, why wouldn’t we do any and everything we possibly could to get as many people here to hear that message?

One church I know has the motto, “We will do anything short of sin to reach people who don’t know Christ.” The question is will you take the step, embrace the potential awkwardness and invite someone to be your guest at on Easter at Ashworth?

To help you take that step, here is the invite card below for you easily download and email to someone.

Or maybe you think emailing images is so 1990’s. Here is the link to the Easter at Ashworth event on Facebook. You can click share and enter your friend’s name with a personal message to join you.

What Jesus did on that first Easter morning changed everything. Isn’t it time we do all we can to make sure everyone we know has the opportunity to experience real true and abundant life?

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