We’re Half Way There!

We’re Half Way There!

And we’re living on the prayer that many of you would spend another $15 and buy a second case of peanut butter! 

THANK YOU for your generosity so far to our Peanut Butter Drive for the Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC) food pantry network! We have sold 87 cases and need to sell 83 more in the next two weeks! If every family at Ashworth purchased 2 cases, we’d accomplish our goal!

I love knowing that our church partners significantly with the DMARC Food Pantry Network to meet a very practical and critical need in our city. There are so many passages in scripture that speak to feeding the hungry or working on behalf of people in vulnerable situations. As we partner with DMARC to purchase a pallet of peanut butter, we are being faithful to Jesus! 

DMARC is the largest food pantry network in Des Moines as they provide food for people in our community at 13 different food pantry sites (at no cost to recipients) and supplying food to over 20,000 families in our community. They often tell us peanut butter is consistently one of their most needed items.

So thank you for your generosity in getting us to the halfway point! Now let’s continue to give generously to see this pallet paid for!


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