Peanut Butter Drive

Peanut Butter Drive

It’s become an annual tradition for all of us at Ashworth to collect peanut butter to stock the Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC) food pantry. Each year, we set lofty goals, you all generously step up, and we exceed expectations and bless lots of hungry folks in Des Moines by doing so.  This year’s goal is even loftier… and smarter.

As we’ve become more deeply connected to DMARC this year through service opportunities and conversations with DMARC staff, we’ve come to the realization that we could be having a greater impact by simply purchasing our peanut butter directly from DMARC (who gets the cheapest rate in town through the Iowa Food Bank). At $1.25 a jar or $15 a case (12 jars) we can purchase an entire pallet to bless the food pantry shelves all over our city. This means purchasing 2,040 jars of peanut butter from DMARC/Iowa Food Bank—which is more than double the amount we’ve provided in previous years. And that’s what we’re doing—I hope you’re up for the challenge!

During the first 3 weeks in March, we will have a giant pallet of peanut butter sitting in our foyer ready to be purchased by you. On Sundays, March 3rd, 10th, and 17th, we will be selling peanut butter by the jar ($1.25) or case ($15 for 12 jars) and we’ll take cash or checks on site or in the offering as well as having a text-to-give option. Let me be clear, please DO NOT BUY AND BRING PEANUT BUTTER TO THE CHURCH. Instead, buy your peanut butter from the DMARC supply that will be at the church. If we all give this way it ensures that we’ll get a much better deal and that no volunteer hours will go into checking every jar of peanut butter for expiration dates and seal since they know the source.

I’m excited to see generosity flow as we watch each jar of peanut butter move from the “For Sale” pallet to the “Sold” pallet! How amazing would it be to more than double our giving to the DMARC pantries this winter when need is especially high? Will you join us?

How You can Participate

  • Consider how many jars or cases you and your family would like to purchase from our pallet of 2,040 jars!
  • Bring cash, check, designated offering, donate online right now, or be ready to text-to-give before, after or during services on Sunday March 3rd, 10th, and 17th.
  • Don’t purchase your own peanut butter to bring in. Help us take our DMARC giving to the next level by giving in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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