More Thoughts on Doubt

More Thoughts on Doubt

A few weeks ago, we looked at how doubt can sneak up on us as Christians. Often, because we are unprepared, doubt can throw us for a loop, making us feel like we something is wrong with us or that we aren’t good Christians. But as we discussed, often doubt isn’t what derails our faith but is actually what strengthens it.

Recently, I ran across a podcast that death with the issue of doubt. As I listened, I was encouraged by the speaker as it reinforced to me that doubt is not a faith destroyer but a faith enhancer. As you have time, take a listen to this podcast and be encouraged in your own faith journey.

Renovare Podcast – Doubt in Faith by Carolyn Arends – Carolyn Arends, Director of Education at Renovare talks with Nathan Foster about the role of doubt. What do we do with doubt? Is it always the enemy of faith or can it be used ┬áto strengthen our faith?


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