What’s Stopping You from Inviting?

What’s Stopping You from Inviting?

Easter is less that 40 days away. In the church world, Easter and Christmas are the two times of the year where those who don’t usually attend church are most open to attending a church service. What usually prevents them from coming? No one asks! 

A recent article by Relevant Magazine lists several reasons why we don’t invite our friends to church. These reasons include worlds colliding, feeling ill-equipped to answer their questions,risking the relationship, and church not being relevant to them.

The real heart of the issue is that for most people, the thought of inviting someone we know to church terrifies us. But is this fear founded or baseless? I believe that for most, this is an irrational concern. True, we still feel the gut-wrenching pain when we approach it, but how else will they have an opportunity to take part in something that is such a significant part of your life unless you are willing to talk about it.

Are you willing to go beyond the discomfort and invite your family moment, friend, coworker, or neighbor to join you at church this Easter? And maybe instead of focussing on the worst that could happen, we focus on the best. That someone who currently does not know Jesus makes a decision to follow Jesus and experiences  the greatest thing this life has to offer.

Jesus was willing to ask people to follow him. Shouldn’t we be willing to do the same?


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