Join Us on a 21 Day Bible Reading Plan

Join Us on a 21 Day Bible Reading Plan

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In yesterday’s message, we challenged everyone who calls Ashworth Road “home” to join us in reading the Bible together for the next 21 days.  Our hope is that each of us wants to be more like Jesus at the end of 2015 than we are right now.  And the only way for us to become more like Jesus is to spend time with him.  Thoughtfully reading one select chapter of the Bible each day is one of the best ways to connect with Jesus and allow him to transform you as a person.  

So we strongly encourage each and every one of you (youth and kids included) to join us in this 21 day adventure.  We believe it has the potential to impact our church in bigger ways than we could ever imagine.

The reading plan includes one chapter of scripture each weekday and challenges you to use the weekend to meditate on what God has shown you through the weekday readings.  Additionally, each day includes a key verse from the chapter for you to consider.  You might even want to memorize some of the key verses if they really speak to you.

Follow Along

  1. Download the Bible app to your smartphone at and add the plan titled “Love Renovation”
  2. Download & print a copy of the reading plan to keep in your Bible (View PDF)
  3. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for additional devotional thoughts and questions to consider.

Begin Today

Join us from Day 1 – read Luke 10 today and focus on verse 27:
And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” 


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