Finding Christmas

Finding Christmas

Who can believe that we are already in the Christmas season this year? 2014 has flown by! But ready or not Christmas is here. Christmas, with its cheerful songs, pretty decorations, and smiling people. But for some of us, Christmas doesn’t bring about thoughts of cheer, but thoughts of dread. Shopping, money, materialism, crowded malls, crazy traffic…for many it makes you just want to shout out, “BAH! HUMBUG!”

This Christmas season at Ashworth Road, join us every Sunday as we help you find Christmas, the real Christmas. Each week will look at a different aspect of Christmas that can easily be lost amid the hustle and bustle of the season.

So join us at 9:15 AM or 10:45 AM Sundays beginning November 30, as we find the Christmas you’ve lost.


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