9 to 5: Finding Value in Our Vocation

9 to 5: Finding Value in Our Vocation

The average person will work over 80,000 hours over a 40 year career (stay-at-home moms double that number), while a faithful church attender will attend church for less than 12,000 hours in an ENTIRE LIFETIME!  In fact, many of you spend more time during the week with a co-worker than you do your own spouse.  Yet so often, pastors preach a segregated life – separating one’s spiritual life from their vocation.   Additionally, many people wrongly believe that the jobs of their local pastor and missionaries across the globe are more important than their own job pushing papers or a broom.

Join us Sunday, September 28 for this 5-week series as we look at work the way God sees it.  This series will help you integrate your faith with your vocation, your calling to serve God with all your heart and your calling to work at whatever it is God gifted you to do.  No, we can’t make your job less stressful or your co-workers easier to get along with, but we can help you find the divine purpose in the work you do every day.


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