Making and Keeping the Right Friends

Making and Keeping the Right Friends

Most of us have friends we like and friends we don’t (and I’m not even talking about social media).  Wait – friends we don’t like?  Yup.  In fact, this phenomena is so common, it has a name – “Frenemies.”  These are the people who are your friends by association, who you actually don’t like because they do things behind closed doors that only your enemy would do to you.

So the question is, why would you keep a friend who is actually your enemy?  Why wouldn’t you be more selective when choosing who to be around?

The fact is, who you are friends with may be the greatest factor in determining the outcome of your life.  I actually believe the  decision you make about who are your friends infuences your life more than any other decisions you will make.  How you do in school… impacted by the support of your friends.  Where you go to college… impacted by where your friends are going.  Who you marry… you will probably find this person from among your friends or their friends.  Are you beginning to see how everything revolves around this crucial decision?

That’s why our youth are going to begin the year with a series called World’s Worst friend.  We want them to have a great year, and that all begins with choosing the right friends.  So encourage your teens to join us on September 3rd at 6:30 PM and learn about the importance of choosing good friends and how to pick the right friends.  After all, it makes all the difference in the world!


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