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05.25.21 Feed


Many people like to draw a line between the people (laity) and the priest or pastor (clergy). They imagine the church leader must be super sanctified and have a special relationship with God. And in the Old Testament of the Bible, that was true. If a commoner went into the Holy of Holies, he would die. But in the New Testament, we are told that we are now a holy priesthood – that is not just for church leaders, but for all who follow Jesus. So all the tasks you through were for your pastor to do – those are actually for you to do as well! Welcome to the team!!

If you missed Sunday’s message, I encourage you to check it out so you understand your role as a priest in this world.

Who Was Melchizedek?

This past Sunday, Pastor Ryan mentioned Melchizedek, a minor character in Genesis 14, who turns into a key player when learning about how Jesus is our ultimate high priest – one in the order of Melchizedek. If you’ve never heard about this man with a name that’s a mouthful, read this brief summary of his story and how he might have actually been Jesus showing up to Abraham! [Read the Article]

5 Christian Cliches that Need to Die

Now that you all recognize each of you is a priest, it’s time to learn what NOT to say to people in an effort to make them feel better. Here’s a list of unhelpful cliches we need to stop telling one another. [Read the Article]

Our Message One Year Ago

Exactly one year ago we began a new message series called “The New Normal” where we discussed how things were changing and beginning to stabilize after a full 2 MONTHS into the pandemic. For fun, watch Brent, Ryan, and Amy unpack all that was changing one year ago…. and remember how much more has changed since then.[Watch the Message]

biblical scripture verse from 1 timothy,for there is one god and one mediator between god and mankind,the man christ jesus.

Message Discussion Questions

We hope the message from each Sunday sticks with you beyond the Sunday morning worship service. Take a moment to consider the questions below, and even better, talk to somebody (who attends the church or doesn’t) about them.

  1. Why is it good news that Jesus is the only mediator between you and God?
  2. In what ways have you unconsciously been viewing Ashworth Church leaders like an Old Covenant Priest?
  3. How might you act differently knowing you are a priest, with direct access to God who can mediate between God and those who are not yet following Jesus?

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