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03.09.21 Feed


Teens love to watch movies about paranormal activity and frighten their friends with scary ghost stories. It’s surprising then, that Christians have labeled the presence of God in our very lives with this same title – the Holy Ghost! Perhaps that’s why we’re not as comfortable with the workings of the Spirit as I think Jesus wanted for us. But this week’s message challenges us to step into our relationship with Holy Spirit and to trust God to lead us in our own paranormal activities for his purposes and for our good!

Forgotten God

A wonderful book on the topic of the Holy Spirit and his ongoing role in the life of the Christian is Forgotten God by Francis Chan. In the book, Chan contends that we’ve ignored the Spirit for far too long, and we are reaping the disastrous results.  He offers an invitation to stop and remember the One we’ve forgotten.
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Is a Vaccine Connected to Stem Cells Unethical

Some have wondered, seeing headlines tying the vaccines to stem cells, whether taking a COVID-19 vaccine would cause them to be involved, somehow, in abortion or in any way the taking of a human life. This is a serious question which requires thoughtful examination.
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Gifts of the Holy Spirit

One aspect of the Holy Spirit which many Christians debate but which didn’t make it into this week’s message is how the gifts of the Spirit fit into a Christian’s life today. If you’ve found yourself wondering what you believe (or the church believes) about the spiritual gifts described in the Bible, you should take a look.
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Holy Spirit Power

The Spirit of God is more than just the third and final part of the trinity. He is the power of God living in you to be his representation to this world! Live in that POWER!

Message Discussion Questions

We hope the message from each Sunday sticks with you beyond the Sunday morning worship service. Take a moment to consider the questions below, and even better, talk to somebody (who attends the church or doesn’t) about them.

  1. How do you think your introduction to the Holy Spirit (as a child or as a new believer) impacts how you view the Holy Spirit today?
  2. Where do you see the fruit of the Spirit growing in your life? If you don’t see growth, why do you think that might be?
  3. This Weeks Challenge: Each morning this week ask the Holy Spirit to show you how he wants to use you that day.

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